First Blog Post


      Hello Everyone! For my first blog, I will be discussing about one of my most recent artworks and what inspired me to create it and what was the purpose. As you can see in this artwork, there is a stream of clouds passing through the sky. There is a cloud in the middle shaped in humanoid form with one of its arm stretching across as other clouds pass through, possibly to catch up to them.


    In a way, this artwork of mine inspires me more ways than one. For instance, I can imagine myself as that human-looking cloud and having my arm outstretch, reaching for something I want to make me feel satisfied. It could be a goal, a dream, or a reward that I must have. As for the other clouds that are passing through the air, they could be view as my competitors trying to achieve the same thing I desire. What I can see from this artwork is a race taking place between myself (the humanoid cloud) against my competitors (all other clouds).


     However, my views and opinions may different from others. A trivial incident came to me during the night while I was drawing out this artwork. My little sister saw it and said it looked like a bunch of demonic souls rising from a fiery furnace, even though that wasn’t the final image I was creating. As for many individuals, they may have a different perspective once after looking at this image. Depending on what the perspective is, I made this artwork to serve a stimulant for individuals to test their imagination based on the appearances they see for themselves.


     In most recent months, the artworks I’ve made, including this one, all represent a certain aspect about myself as a artist and a perspective I chose to share with the world. The idea of their imagery stems from my feelings at the time of its creation or based on incident that I experienced in my life, no matter the amount of time it was. I truly believe that most artists that started out in their careers often based their artwork from either themselves or anything concept that relates to them. It is also a way that expresses who they really are in life and how they portray themselves  in a variety of scenarios.


     In summary, I wanted to share this artwork as a way to introduce myself as an artist to the world and explain my intentions on how I would like to leave an impact on it. I do believe that this profession will help me build my identity as well as sharing with other people my theories about art that is more that just a sculpture or a painting on a wall.


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