Expanding Internet Presence


     In this modern age of society, everything we do in life in one way or another always seems to be inspired from the knowledge of what the Internet provides from around the world. At home, school, work, and even in the public using cell phones, more than a billion individuals around the world utilizes the Internet per second every day and continues to increase as even children are introduced to the Web and considering to be the norm for gathering information. Even I’ll admit that I’m no stranger to the Internet. I born in a time where technology was always evolving into more easy-to-use methods from home desktops to cell phones and it took time for me to get comfortable in sharing personal information to a world where people won’t be shy to judge and ridicule you for being how you are. However, like millions of people out there, I was willing to discard my shyness in order to show others that what I am is special and unique to the point that even own my name can make a difference in the vastly-growing world of technology dominated by the Internet.

     In this blog, I’ll be discussing how getting your name out on the Internet can be useful and not frightening like on a celebrity level (though that depends on how you want to make that happen). For example, when I started getting used to being online for hours, right around when I started in high school, I decided to create an e-mail address where I can use it to send message and receive advertisement from various businesses. Making an e-mail account for can also be used as a gateway in potentially landing various job offers. Most employers mainly recruit employees online by looking at resumes sent by applicants themselves through e-mails as well. Major online search engine brands like Google and Yahoo are typically a good place to set up e-mail addresses. Think of them as your primary Internet ID card, so don’t forget your passwords!

     Another factor that is equally important while being online is the use of social accounts. Over the years, the concept of individuals socializing online has evolved drastically which is what people refer to as “Social Media.” From the days of using Myspace and AIM to using Facebook and Twitter (which we now use today), it has become much easier to meet many people at once and quickly get to know them. Using those accounts, people can post, share, and discuss any form of media that represents themselves or taken from another source of information. This concept is extremely useful for individuals to keep family and friends in touch with each other, get involved in multiple social groups, and build strong relationships, especially while establishing your business. Here’s a piece of advice: be cautious and careful who you are associated with as well as what media content you share and post online. Though many people would appear wanting to be your friend but may set up to humiliate you in the future, either based on the content they show or may cause other online users to reject you. Also, while apply for a job using your social account, employers do examine your activities and may put you in serious liability or, at worse, fire you depend how inappropriate your media content is. Your social account(s) will always be recognizable and noticeable to anyone and everyone associated with you once you’ve made yourself public to the world. What you do online with other people taken notice determines your personality, digitally-wise.

     With all these e-mail and online social applications, you may think that the Internet has a lot to offer for an individual on a mission to be popular. That’s true. The Internet alone has the largest source of information about virtually anything for mankind to use for many purposes. However, at the end of the day, the most important thing you can do for yourself is knowing who you are as a person and letting the world know who that person is. It is essential that you must always keep track of what information you revealed to the world, the same way that you keep track of anything that defines who you are; your social security, birth certificate, passports, etc. Losing any online information not only prevents you access to your accounts but may force you to adopt a new identity that hasn’t been taken by someone else in the digital world.

     An interesting fact I keep in mind when using the Internet is that while it holds the largest source of information, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will always guarantee me success in life. That choice is entirely up to you. Many of the information you can find on the Internet can be misleading, so you must look for the best reliable source possible that will help you create your own career in the digital age.









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